Facial Abuse Danica Dillon
Danica Dillon Gets Fucked
Danica Dillon Gets Fucked And Fishhooked

Danica Dillon is not your average whore. She's done many shoots for big name companies, and has always been treated like a true princess. While it's true that her shit might not stink and that it actually might take on the form of fluffy white cotton balls, it didn't matter to Duke Skywalker, Big Red and the rest of the Facial Abuse crew. They gave her a few minutes to pose and look prissy, then it was time to bring on the abuse.

Danica Dillon opened up wide and let Big Red slide his raging pecker deep down her throat. He fucked her throat and really pushed the limits of her gag reflex. Her throat was pumped while she was on her knees, in the air and upside down, and with her head tilted off the end of a dirty old couch. She had never been treated like this, which made it that much fun for the guys.

What to do you after a pretty whore empties her stomach while getting face fucked? You get her on all fours and rock her pussy like a hurricane. She moaned and meowed as her pussy got punished, and then she invited Red to remove his cock out of her whisker biscuit and slide it into her ass. She initially gasped as he went balls dep, but she finally submitted and took it like a good whore does.

As her once tight hole began to ache, Big Red pulled out his dick and sat her down. As she cought her breath and tried to cool down, cocks came out of every corner and covered her face with sticky loads of cum. One after another, she was blasted. After the balls were drained and she rubbed in the ball batter, I have no doubt that her first desire was to get back on that plane, head back to LA, and receive her porn princess treatment that she was used to. It's always fun to see something so beautiful getting destroyed. Bravo, Facial Abuse. Bravo!

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